February 20, 2018
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(FMT) – The opposition’s claim that the Budget 2018 announcement by Prime Minister Najib Razak yesterday was copied from Pakatan Harapan’s “alternative budget” was proof that the opposition agreed with what had been proposed by the government.

Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak said instead of finding fault with Budget 2018 the opposition complained that the government stole the ideas from them.

On the opposition’s claim that Budget 2018 was a “sweetener” or “election budget”, Salleh said “every year they say the same thing, that the budget is an election budget”.

“Does this mean Pakatan Harapan is saying that Budget 2018 is very good and can entice the voters? Statements such as these from the opposition gives the impression they are very unhappy with Budget 2018 because it is good and not because it is bad.”

Salleh said the opposition had been grumbling all year long about “all sorts of things, good or bad so they cannot say that the government did not listen to them as proven in Budget 2018”.

“Therefore, the opposition should thank the prime minister for the very positive budget instead of continuing to grumble that the budget was a sweetener, an election budget, copied from Pakatan Harapan, and so on,” he said after flagging off the Kota Belud Jamboree held in conjunction with the “Tamu Besar” here today.


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