February 21, 2018
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EPF has one of the best Disaster Recovery plans and backup procedures around. When I was attached with a bank, I remember when we compared notes with their IT staff, we were always a couple of cycles behind them. This means your EPF data is actually more secure than some of your bank data.

You guys should stop listening to stupid propaganda about the ‘uselessness’ of our GLCs. Its not doing you any favours. You only feel worried (mostly over nothing), and look stupid.

The problem is with the stereotype that only ‘useless’ people work for government or GLCs and that things ‘used to be better’.

That’s so wrong.

Our economy is heavily dependent on GLCs. Practically our whole national infrastructure is run by GLCs.

We have many bright people (maybe not your kids, but someone elses’) manning the investment portfolios, power grids, phone lines and waterworks.Many are highly qualified people, some are even full scholars. If you have not noticed, they are getting better over the years. If you compare with the region, our rates are competitive and often among the cheapest. They adopt international standards and best practises,sometimes even more than big local companies or MNCs.

They really do the best they can under high pressure circumstances- political interference, an unforgiving and ridiculous public, being the target of propaganda by both sides of the fence, and a host of inherited legacy issues from the time they ran as government bodies.

But there are so,so,so many good people inside, fighting against those odds, and against people like you.

The same with government service. In both cases, (surprise!) many of the talented people are Malays as well as non-Malays (contrary to what your average coffee shop uncle may tell you) and many in fact, are paid well and could give your average ‘smart’ cousin who works in Singapore, a run for his or her money.

Get informed, mix outside your small circles, break the stupid (and wrong!) stereotypes. Because the people in there, they don’t deserve your stupidity.

Emmanuel Joseph

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