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Police need to arrest ‘Mat Over’ – Ramkarpal

KUALA LUMPUR – MP of DAP, Ramkarpal Singh urged the police to take action on actor, ‘Mat Over’ for attacking film producer, Datuk David Teo in public at an event attended by the Prime Minister last Wednesday.

Based on a statement from an online portal, Ramkarpal said, the failure of police to take action on Sulaiman Yassin will give bad impression on their efficiency. Besides, it also challenges the sovereignty of the law.

“I urged Khalid (Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar) to arrest Sulaiman to assist in investigation for attacking Teo,” he said in the report.

According to Ramkarpal, the police are well informed on the incident and they need to take action as it has become viral.

The failure of police to do so will be interpreted as the failure of Khalid in his job. Besides, it also sends message to public that ‘they can get away with crimes even if it is committed in front of the Prime Minister’,” he said.

The scuffle at Seri Perdana happened on Wednesday during a National Transformation 2050 dialogue (TN50) attended by Datuk Seri Najib Razak and hundreds of art activists. Teo questioned moderator, Datuk Rosyam Nor for not giving equal opportunity to all attendees of the dialogue when he only focussed on those seated at the front row.

The dialogue was disrupted when Sulaiman suddenly rushed to David and accosted him just several feet away from Najib.

Teo and Mat Over returned to the stage at the end of the session to seek forgiveness from Najib.

Nevertheless, Mat Over reportedly said that he did not regret his actions as it was needed to teach Teo a lesson in order not to be rude towards Najib. – MalaysiaGazette

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