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Apa Lagi Tokong Mau? | Stop The Lies

Yesterday morning, the Tokong issued a press statement slamming The Star for not giving him the right of reply to an article by Joceline Tan.B

But the thing is, The Star DID print as well as put online an article about Tokong’s reply yesterday morning.

However it seems that Tokong is not happy. Apparently his statement was not published in full by The Star or perhaps not on the cover page or was a full page article – therefore he complained.

If Tokong really want to make sure all the papers print his full and complete statement, he should pay for the advertisement.

DAP needs to bring out the Milo Tin to fund Tokong to buy advertisement space.

Penang Gerakan has called on Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng to make an honest assessment as to why he has a poor relationship with the media.

Its legal bureau chief Datuk Baljit Singh said that the DAP secretary-general’s ties with the media were at the lowest ebb since the party took over the state in 2008.

Lim, said Baljit, has sued more media outlets and reporters than any other chief minister in Penang’s history..

“This is despite the fact that the Chinese vernacular media played such a big role in helping DAP win in Penang, but now he is bullying them.

“He talks about press freedom but acts in a dictatorial manner,” he said.

“I do not know of any other leader who demands that the media publish his press statements in full,” Baljit said.

“The newspaper gave his statement a prominent space in its national edition. What else does he want?”

Tokong’s complaint: Link

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