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A different experience at MBO’s RM20m Kuantan cinema

It features three concepts — Small MBO for kids, MBO Big Screen and MBO MX4D for the ultimate cinema experience.


KUANTAN: MCAT Box Office Sdn Bhd (MBO) has invested RM20 million to open its first cinema in the east coast in the Kuantan City Mall that offers a different experience and more comfort than any other cinema.

Its director of operations, Mariam Yazmin El Bacha, said the 26th MBO cinema outlet in Malaysia features three unique stage concepts: Small MBO (for children), MBO Big Screen and MBO MX4D.

Mariam said the new concepts would allow cinemagoers to pick the ways they wish to watch movies, including bringing their families and children to experience the sophisticated and up-to-date technology.

“Small MBO is the second of its kind here after The Starling, Petaling Jaya, where it has a sofa bed and playground.

“It is an MBO effort for parents to interact with their children,” she said at a media tour at MBO Kuantan City Mall today.

Mariam said those who choose the MBO Big Screen would enjoy their favourite films with the largest screen in the east coast. It is 20.5 metres and has Dolby Atmos realistic sound.

“Meanwhile, those who choose MBO MX4D will have the opportunity to enjoy the special effects within the cinema, like the wind, splashes of mist, in line with the action being shown on the big screen,” she said.


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